Dancing With Death: Hosted by Marie/Murry & Kaitlyn Cronin

Death is a topic that is commonly avoided in modern society and yet this vital step in the process of life is something we all have in common. Each one of us is intimately interwoven with the presence of Death, whether it be experiencing the loss of loved ones, acknowledging beliefs, patterns and relationships that are falling away, and our own inevitable end. 

Join us to share our hearts through movement, music, connection and chocolate truffles, to allow space for grief, and offer homage to Death and all the lessons that come with the process. 

In this workshop participants will pair up with a few different individuals to somatically enact different prompts interwoven with Death. Pairs are encouraged to connect with one another through contact improv and a variety of interpersonal relating activities. These prompts will open us up to our own beliefs, edges and experiences around Death, creating a container for contemplative heart-opening connection. 

Along with the movement we will enjoy decadent herbal and (non psycho-active) medicinal mushroom infused truffles. All truffles are vegan, gluten free, soy and refined sugar free.

This is a sacred container and safe space to open ourselves up. We ask that you show up promptly 15 minutes early, reserve your spot ahead of time and inform us if you have any food allergies. 

Email Kaitlyn to register or for more info: kaitlyncronin123@gmail.com

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