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Earthdance began in 1986, when a group of dancers and artists in Boston joined together to cultivate a place for creative expression. Purchasing 175 acres of land in the glorious Berkshire hills of WESTERN MASSACHUSETTS, they planted the seeds of community. Today, Earthdance is an internationally recognized presenter of workshops, contact improvisation jams, performances, and community events, drawing thousands of people to the area each year.

Deborah Hull

Hanging on the wall in my apartment in Asheville, NC is a treasured photograph of "The Farm," my grandparent's home (which you bought from my family) . I grew up in West Cummington and my brother and sisters and I spent some of our happiest childhood times up there with two of the most special people in my life, my grandparents, who had remarkable lives themselves and raised six children there. My 20 first cousins all share memories of happy family get togethers there often during our childhoods.

Daily Hampshire Gazette
Ali Crolius, staff writer

BACK in 1986, a loose-knit group of dance enthusiasts from Boston asked: Is it possible to escape city life, share a house and children, and give themselves over to pursuing art in the bosom of Mother Nature?

They found their answer in a ramshackled farmhouse and 175 acres in Plainfield that became the community called Earthdance. Ten dancers bought it with visions of turning the rundown Property into an "intentional community" and a retreat for dancers and other creative types.

Andrew Gaines

Growing up in suburban Long Island, my only contact with gardening was my weekly chore of mowing the lawn. So unaccustomed to the way of plants, I was amazed one spring when my father bought a few seedlings, threw them into the daffodil bed, and actually grew some scraggly tomatoes. Six years ago I yanked myself out of NY city and moved up to the country. Weeks after this transition, I learned that the plethora of sumptuous vegetables I ate came from a plot 50 feet from the house.

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