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Contact   General web page for Contact Improvisation with hundreds of links
Contact  Listing people and events for Contact Improvisation,
Contact Quarterly  Biannual journal CQ, listings, books and kneepads to buy etc.

Contact Improvisation in the US:

Contact Events/Boston
Contact Improvisation/Los Angeles
Contact Improvisation/North Carolina
East Coast Jam/West Virginia
Moab Contact Jam
Seattle Festival of Alternative Dance and Improvisation
West Coast Contact Festival/San Francisco

Dance, Theater, Performance Art in the US:

Authentic Movement Community
The Body Cartography Project - Site based improvisational performance
Capacitor interdisciplinary movements artists in San Francisco
Dance Complex, Boston
Dance New Amsterdam (formerly Dance Space Center in New York)
David Dorfman Dance
The Field A supportive artists' organization in New York.
Joe Goode - performance group
Jo Kreiter and FlyAway : Apparatus Based Dance Co.
Joint Forces Dance Company
Motion Lab
Moving on Center School for Participatory Arts and Somatic Research/CA
Ruth Zaporah's Action Theatre
ODC school, San Francisco , featuring Kathleen Hermsdorf teaching contact improvisation
Sarah Shelton Mann, Contraband
Scott Wells and Company
Trisha Brown Company
Velocity Dance Center, Seattle
Wire Monkey Dance
Zany Angels
Zen Monkey Project

Contact Improvisation and Performance Art, International:

ACIC Australian Contact Improvisation Convergence
Arlequi dance retreat center, offering international workshops in Banyolas, Spain
Black Forest Jam/Germany
Casina Settarte jams, workshops and other events in southern Italy
Collectif Contact Improvisation/Paris info about contact in France
Contact Improvisation/London info about contact in the United Kingdom
Contact Improvisation/Montreal
Contact Improvisation/Switzerland
Contact Improvisation/Sweden
ECITE annual contact improvisation teacher's exchange in Europe
International Contact Improvisation Festival in Freiburg, Germany
International Contact Improvisation Festival in Israel
International Contact Improvisation and Performance Festival in Moscow, Russia
International Improvisation Festival in Budapest, Hungary
International Improvisation Festival in Orvieto, Italy
<Proximity> a magazine devoted to new dance/movement and improvisation practice.
Stolzenhagen international Festival, artist residence center in Germany

Teachers: (Many teachers have been a part of EarthDance, here are just a few of them)

Andrew Harwood
Adam Gottlieb
David Dorfman
Eiko and Koma
Kathleen Hermesdorf
Keith Hennessy
Martin Keogh
Mark Zemelman
Mike Vargas
Nancy Stark Smith
Olive Bieringa & Otto Ramstad
Ruth Zaporah
Saliq Francis Savage
Shakti Smith

Local Area Information and Other New England Dances:

Nine Mountain Retreats, our neighbors across the meadow
Dance New England
Dance Spree, Friday night boogie in Northampton MA
A.P.E. - Available Potential Enterprises in Northampton, MA
Patchwork Farm Retreat
Town of Northampton
The Hidden Hills of Western Massachusetts
New England Center for Circus Arts

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