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The Seasons for Giving! Earthdance Fall Fundraising: we ask for your support at this challenging and important time.

We hope you and your beloveds are grounded and able to thrive in these difficult times. Just as we thought an end of the tunnel might be in sight, all of a sudden a new variant pops up and throws things into doubt. However, we’re more committed than ever to ride out this storm and come out dancing.

To do this we’re going need your serious support.

As you might know Dr. Daniel J. Hayes has just started his role as the new Executive Director of Earthdance and he is looking to shake things up to find the sustainability that Earthdance is so much needing. While programming is still at a minimum due to the pandemic, his first focus is on  structural and governance innovation. With a background in Cooperativist and Sociocratic organizations, he wishes to explore ways to increase community ownership and engagement.

We have also finally completed our renovations and are very excited about the look and feel of the revamped farmhouse and studios. This and the slowly shifting pandemic landscape has allowed for a restarting of Earthdance programming. We are excited about the diverse activities we are planning for 2022. We look forward to welcoming you back to this place you may experience as home, community, where you fell in love, found your true dance, or watched the morning sun move across the floor. 

COVID19 has made life quite complex for us,  and we’ve been very fortunate that a few very committed individuals have stepped up in amazing ways to help keep our ship afloat. Special thanks go out to Victor Mistretta for Facilities Maintenance, to Taja Will for Equity & Justice Coordination, to Emily Cavin for Bookkeeping, to Jax Westhead for Operations and more, to Spirit Joseph for interim Executive Directorship, and to Giordana Patumi for Marketing.  Without all of you, we wouldn’t be here today. Thank you.

With hope and inspiration,

The Earthdance Board of Directors

CELEBRATE with us to SUPPORT Earthdance.  A small group of donors have generously offered to match the first $10,000 in donations received.

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