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Plainfield, MA 01070

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Closest Airport: Hartford/Springfield, CT: Bradley International Airport.

Options from Bradley International to Northampton include:

  • Seemo Shuttle from Bradley to Northampton: Shuttle with others: $42 each. Private car: $89 plus 15% for driver. Service hours: From 4:00 am to 1:00
    am. Call 413-586-1120 between the hours of 8AM - 7PM (Mon-Sun) to make a reservation.
  • Valley Transporter: Bradley to Northampton: $53 for one, $25 for second, $10 each additional. Bradley to Earthdance: $91 for one, $25 second, $10 each additional. Reservations accepted up to 3 months in advance, more notice is better for availability. Service hours: From 5:15 am to 12:30am. Call (413) 253-1350 to make a reservation.
  • Taxis from Bradley Airport to Northampton are around $88 and can be shared by up to 4 individuals.
  • For a link to Bradley Airports Transportation page visit
  • Unfortunately, Peter Pan bus line no longer offers service between Bradley Airport and Northampton, MA.

Other airports nearby are Boston (Logan International) and Albany, NY.

THE LAST LEG: Northampton to Earthdance

Please advise us of your Flight number, Airline and Airport Arrival time so we may coordinate connections to Earthdance where possible.

Closest Train Station: Pittsfield, MA or Springfield, MA;
Amtrak (800) 872-7245 or

From Pittsfield to Earthdance: Call to arrange a pick-up at least 1 week in advance: $35 (if available) or Rainbow Taxi – 413-499-4300 for $50 for up to 4 people

From Springfield: Staff pick up if available: $50 (call to arrange a pick-up at least 1 week in advance, if it is available). Otherwise, go to Northampton.

To Northampton, MA from Springfield: Walk to bus station one block from train station and and take Peter Pan Bus Lines: (800) 343-9999. From Northampton see below.

THE LAST LEG: Northampton to Earthdance

To Northampton, MA - Peter Pan Bus Lines (800) 343-9999 or

  • from Boston, approx. $35 each way; travel time: approx. 3 hours.
  • from New York, $38 - $41 each way; travel time: approx. 4 hours.

To Amherst, MA - Mega Bus Line 1-877-GO2-MEGA (1-877-462-6342) or

  • from New York, approx. $29 each way; travel time: approx. 4 hours

Northampton to Earthdance.
Congratulations! You've made it to Northampton, MA, a welcoming New England town. Now you need to get 25 miles West on Route 9 to Plainfield. There are several options of how to get from Northampton to Earthdance:

  • PERSONAL PICK-UP: Earthdance staff are sometimes available to do personal pick-ups. WE NEED 1 WEEK ADVANCE NOTICE FOR STAFF PICKUPS! YOU MUST CALL AHEAD IF YOU WANT OUR ASSISTANCE IN GETTING TO EARTHDANCE! This service is not always available. We charge $40 for one person, and we will pick you up from the Haymarket Cafe, up the hill from the bus station and across Main Street. Please call ahead (413-634-5678) with your estimated time of arrival in Northampton, and call again on your day of travel if you are delayed. Other pick-up locations can be arranged, charges vary depending on location.
  • TAXI: Northampton Taxi (at bus station): 584-6244; $68 for 1 person; $70 for 2 people, plus $5 for additional person ; open until 11 p.m.
  • RIDE SHARING: There is a new ridesharing website in our area that you can check for potential rides from Northampton, MA. The site is

Can you offer a ride to other participants? We encourage carpooling!
Let us know your expected arrival time so we can coordinate travel.
Earthdance Address:
252 Prospect Street, Plainfield, MA 01070

From the SOUTH and SOUTHEAST (Northampton, MA; Hartford, CT):

Take Interstate I-91 North to Northampton, MA. Take exit 19 and go straight at the stoplight onto Damon Road. Go straight through the next stoplight onto Bridge Road, which leads to Route 9 at Look Park.

Turn right and follow Route 9 West approximately 20 miles towards Pittsfield.

In Cummington, you will pass the turn-off to Route 112 South on your left. Stay on Route 9 for 3.2 more miles. Turn right on Packard Rd., which will turn into Prospect St. when it hits the Plainfield town line. The turn-off onto Packard Rd. isn't obvious, it's after Stage Rd and Beechwood Rd. It's on the right, after a red house and a white house, and before a green house. If you get to West Cummington, you've gone too far.

Proceed one mile up the hill. After the road flattens and straightens out, Earthdance is on the left, just after #262.

From the EAST (Boston, MA):

Take the MA Turnpike (I-90) West to Interstate I-91. Then follow directions in "From the SOUTH."

From the NORTH or NORTHEAST (Greenfield, MA):

Take Route 2 West for 10 miles to Route 112 South in Buckland, MA. Follow Route 112 South to Route 116 North (Spruce Corner Road) in Ashfield (Note: for a short distance, Route 112 and Route 116 join and read as South and North simultaneously!).

After turning right on Route 116 North, you will continue for eight miles.

After you pass through the village of Plainfield and head down a long hill, turn left on Prospect Street. (If you miss Prospect Street you will pass a section of very stately old trees lining both sides of the road and then you will pass a turnoff for route 8A. If this happens turn around and find Prospect Street on your right) Go 2.4 miles, just past Mountain Road on the right, and turn into the Earthdance driveway, the second driveway on the right after Mountain Road.

From the WEST (Pittsfield, MA; Albany, NY):

Take Route 9 East out of Pittsfield. In Dalton, when you turn left onto North St to stay on Route 9, you have 13 miles to go.

When you pass an "Entering Pioneer Valley" sign, it's exactly 2 more miles. Turn left onto Packard Rd, which will turn into Prospect St. when it hits the Plainfield town line.

The turn-off to Packard Rd. is hidden on the left. There's a "School Bus Stop Ahead" sign, then a "No Passing Zone" sign. With little warning, there's another "School Bus Stop Ahead" sign followed by the hidden turn-off to Packard on the left. If you see Beechwood Rd or Stage Rd on the left, you've gone too far. If you backtrack to West Cummington, you've backtracked too far.

Proceed on Packard/Prospect Street for one mile. When the road flattens and straightens out, Earthdance is on the left, after #262.

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